Our services

As professional notaries, we guide you through all the situations in life that require legal assistance and formalities. Here are the fields covered by Belliveau Sauvé Roy, Notaires, in Vaudreuil:

Human and family rights

As notaries, we are with you during situations that lead to a fundamental change in your life; we help make them concrete, but especially attest that everything is happening as it should, from both a personal and professional standpoint.

Marriage contracts and Cohabitation agreements


A notary can advise you if you think certain elements require particular provisions within your couple.

Tutorship and Curatorship

A notary is responsible for the successful conduct of formalities and putting systems in place.

Homologation of a mandate in case of incapacity

When dealing with a mandate in case of incapacity, a notary will go through the procedures in order to make it binding.


Other than the court, a notary is the only professional who can guarantee the authenticity of a will; he can provide you with information, and is the guardian of your wishes, now and in the future.

Will verification

Other than the court, a notary is the only person with the skills to execute this procedure as a representative of the law.

Estate settlement

The execution of a will must be handled according to the wishes of the deceased party and the law. A notary will help you through each step and offer sound advice during this difficult time.

Family mediation

You can get more information on the page devoted to family mediation. You’ll also find out more about the career path of Christiane Ross, our qualified notary who specializes in family mediation.

Real estate law

We can advise you from a legal standpoint and be by your side through any transactions in relation to real estate law. As a legal counsellor, we can explain the law and its particularities to you. We are available to guide you through all the following situations that are subject to real estate law:

Land sales


Assistance and execution of transactions by a notary.

Residential and commercial real estate financing

To the eyes of the law, a notary guarantees the successful conclusion of real estate and financial transactions.

New house sales by builders

Drafting contracts and verifying the rules that are specific to sale of a new home.

Used house sales

A notary ensures the successful conduct of transactions in order to hand over a good, valuable title.

Co-ownership declaration and new or used condominium sales

A notary drafts co-ownership declarations, proceeds to sales, and prepares assemblies and the establishment of unions.