Family mediation in Vaudreuil

Our notary office in Vaudreuil offers professional services within the context of family mediation. When the situation calls for it, we are here to assist parties as family mediators in Vaudreuil.


A response to delicate situations

We deal with requests that may require a more measured approach. As family mediators in Vaudreuil, our role allows families to find assistance through a mediation procedure if they feel the need.

For couples without children or parents with dependant children who are going through a separation process, or for those who have already separated and would like to make a change to their agreement, for example regarding child custody, turning to a family mediator in Vaudreuil can be a concrete and effective solution. The Quebec government offers up to 5 free mediation hours for couples with dependant children and up to 2.5 hours in the case of a revision.

In the application of family mediation in Vaudreuil, a notary’s mission is to listen to both parties and allow them to communicate their expectations and needs as well as the children’s if applicable. In an atmosphere that is favourable to cooperation and transparency, the parties can then negotiate the terms of their separation themselves (child custody, financial contribution for the children, sharing possessions, etc.).

Finally, the mediating notary, who remains neutral and impartial, can also be of assistance in the case of a family disagreement: during an estate settlement, for example.


Not limited to the law:

Certain conflicts can be the result of an incorrect interpretation of the law or a lack of understanding it. Through his experience and practice, a notary in Vaudreuil can shed light on essential elements that may help untangle a critical situation.